• Performance Evaluation
  • Training Need Assessment
  • Work Place Assessment
  • Policy Evaluations



  • Development of Research Design for both quantitative and qualitative research approaches
  • Development of study Tools for both qualitative and quantitative Data
  • Data collection for both qualitative and quantitative data (FGDs, Interviews (In-direct and Direct Interviews), Questionnaires, Observation Checklists).
  • Data Analysis for both qualitative and quantitative Data with Vast knowledge on SPSS, STATA, EViews, R, Content Analysis, Thematic Analysis, Triangulation and Comparative data Analysis Methods among others.
  • Base line Surveys
  • Need and Impact assessment (Training, Process and Strategy)

100% Trusted Outcome


The success of every, Private, Public, NGO’s or Government Parastatals is squarely based on the competence and efficiency of its human resource. To uniquely offer solutions to this, the CYNET E.A. Corporate Training Centre was established to meet specific and dynamic training needs in fields of finance, data management, leadership and Business Research within the Corporate World.

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