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Marketers. Cyney E.A Is currently offering

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Basic Marketing Skills That Should Be On Every Marketer’s Mind
  • Well Developed Internal Communication Skills.
  • Well Developed Interpersonal Communication Skills.
  • Be A Confident Public Speaker.
  • Maintain an Attitude of Lifelong Learning. 
  • Be Type A Organized.
  • Know How To Set Goals.
  • Understand the Difference Between Goals, Strategies, and Tactics.

What We Offer

  • When somebody has a problem with a product, it’s no longer a one-to-one irate conversation over the phone.
  • Being honest and direct is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity.

Not only do we give your Marketers workclass knowledge, we engage them to real world experience by training the on how to handle clients and many more actions of success

Its our pleasure to be the only company that engage marketers to real world experience. we help them approach different people with different skills after giving a keen observation on who to approach. 

Our able team is responsible for record tracking which enable them to identify the progress of each marketer and give promotion on compitence and ability to handle a challage  

Cynet East Africa Have best trainers to help in changing dimention to which an individual look at the world, they make the imposible to possible. All our teachers are trained to deliver 80% of their service at pratical aspect.

Success of your bussiness depents with the skills of your marketers. 

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