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Cynet East Africa is one of the best company in East Africa, Well known of the projects it has handled in the past. We use technology to generated accurate data and draw useful information from the projects you trust us with.


What is project Management

Project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives.What is project management?

A project is a unique, transient endeavor, undertaken to achieve planned objectives, which could be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits. A project is usually deemed to be a success if it achieves the objectives according to their acceptance criteria, within an agreed timescale and budget.

A key factor that distinguishes project management from just ‘management’ is that it has this final deliverable and a finite time span, unlike management which is an ongoing process. Because of this a project professional needs a wide range of skills; often technical skills, and certainly people management skills and good business awareness.

What will Cynet do for you on your project
  • Project need assessment (We conduct needs assessment to ascertain the viability of the project before embarking on a project)
  • Project Proposal Development (We help in the development of concept papers for project proposal and development of project proposal)
  • Project Designing and Activity Development (The organization through its experienced team of consultants help in the development of project design, define objectives and design activities for the implementation of projects.
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation (We help in tracking performance on processes and outputs at the beginning of a compact’s life of a project, monitor process and track high-level outcomes and impacts at the end to concretely assess how project activities have achieved the project goals and objectives
  • End of Project assessment (We help in carrying out end of project evaluation to establish the impact that the project has had on the beneficiaries.
What is the significance of project management
Project management is an important skill for a principal investigator.

Having been successful in attracting funding for your project, you will now have to lead it from set-up to completion. The following pages take you through the key stages:

What are the building blocks of every project

Time scheduling is a collection of techniques used to develop and present schedules that show when work will be performed.

Finance: how are necessary funds acquired and costs managed?
Quality: how will fitness for purpose of the deliverables and management processes be assured? 


Sifting through multiple documents to find the tasks worth reporting to leadership can be time consuming and frustrating. With a project management dashboard, you can quickly communicate the status of your project and share the big picture view. Use the project management dashboard if you want to share the high-level status of your project with stakeholders.

You can also create a project management dashboard you can rapidly adapt to changing project conditions and identify risks with easy-to-use widgets that display live data, charts, and metrics. Roll up data across projects to show what matters most and share with all key stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page.


House all your project information in one central place, so everyone involved knows exactly where to look for important details. With the project tracking template, you can add tasks, status, priority, deliverables, deadlines, cost, hours, and more for your whole project. If you’re managing a large project, a project tracking template will help keep everything organized.

Plan and manage your project with this real-time project tracker template in Smartsheet. Organize tasks by project phases, set deadlines, and assign items to individual team members to manage projects with greater transparency. Set alerts to remind you and your team of upcoming due dates, track costs and resource time, and view progress all in one location.



Make sure your project stays on budget throughout the entire project by tracking labor, materials, fixed costs, and actuals. A budget template helps you stay diligent with spending and lets other team members know if you are over or under. This template is helpful for any project, regardless of size.

 Download Excel Project Budgeting Template

Ensure that your project stays on budget with this project budgeting template in Smartsheet. Organize tasks by phase and easily compare labor, materials, and other costs against budgeted amounts. Actual, budgeted, and variance totals automatically calculate based on pre-built formulas, and you can easily flag items that are at risk of exceeding budget for greater visibility into project spend.


An agile project plan is based on features. The plan estimates how long it will take for each feature to be delivered, without much detail on how it will be delivered. And because the project plans are focused on features, you can group similar features into sprints.

An agile project plan is always changing. Once the plan is developed, the project team needs to maintain it and update status and timelines accordingly.

Also known as an agile project schedule, this template lets you add your tasks, who is responsible, start and end dates, and status. The duration for each task will be automatically calculated. This template also features a Gantt chart (a visual representation of your project timeline), which will automatically adjust when you add your own data to the table.

With a project template designed for basic Agile projects, you can plan and manage sprints, product features, and tasks in one real-time, customizable template. Use the built-in Gantt chart to view your project timeline including dependencies, milestones, and deadlines, or switch to card view to manage items in a Kanban board. Your team can update progress, manage deliverables, store files, and set alerts to ensure projects stay on track.

Gantt Chat Project

A Gantt chart is  used by project managers. A Gantt chart takes your task names, start and end dates, and durations, and transforms them into a cascading horizontal bar chart. You can quickly visualize the order in which tasks need to happen and which tasks are dependent on each other. A Gantt chart is especially effective when managing a complex project with many dependencies. 

Easily visualize and manage your project tasks and timeline with the interactive Gantt chart capabilities in Smartsheet. Create a quick view of project status and items outstanding with symbols and conditional formatting, and assign tasks to team members to improve accountability. Turn on critical path to identify dependencies throughout your project timeline and to see which tasks directly impact your project completion date. Share your Gantt chart with your team and internal and external stakeholders to provide visibility and keep everyone in the loop.


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