I was recently asked if I would fire an employee who made a mistake that cost the company Ksh 500,000. No, I replied; I just spent Ksh 500,000 training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his experience?
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Through the use of various software the organization assist it clients in managing, analyzing and evaluating huge amount of data to draw conclusion on various issues that ore of concern to the organization. This includes data coding, data mining, and data summarization and presentation just to name a few. Among the methods used include Power BI, Business Analytics and Financial Modeling. The success of every, Private, Public, NGO’s or Government Parastatals is squarely based on the competence and efficiency of its human resource. To uniquely offer solutions to this, the CYNET E.A. Corporate Training Centre was established to meet specific and dynamic training needs in fields of finance, data management, leadership and Business Research within the Corporate World. Financial Modelling using spreadsheets like MS Excel are used in many fields like investment banking, M&A, equity research, risk analysis, valuations, investment management, credit analysis, scenario analysis, budgeting, sales forecast, financial projections, project evaluation, etc. This is a program where practicing Investment Bankers and Treasury Professionals teach the latest techniques and modeling skills that are used in the industry. Lot of financial professionals who do all kinds of financial modelling feel handicapped to quite a large extent in implementing certain models that requires them to do considerable amount of programming in VBA. Merely knowing how to record or even write some odd macros in VBA is not of any help to them. There is no specialized course in IT domain that teaches “VBA Programming for Finance”, a course that teaches VBA programming with exclusive focus on Financial Applications. Power query is another important tool for data analysis, data organization and business intelligence. There is no specialized course in IT course that teaches “power BI for Finance or business intelligence

, a course that teaches power query with exclusive focus on Financial Applications and business analytic. This is why we have designed this course tailor-made for imparting these skills. This course, apart from teaching financial modeling, we also teach advanced dashboard reporting and Power BI using advanced excel.

Wat is in the course​

1. Data sorting, summarizing and analysis

2. Understanding financial modeling

3. Excel funtions and tools

4. Use of excel for informed decision making

5. More excel funtions and tools

6. Datavisualization 

7.Collaborating with others.

Who Should Attend?

Senior executives and executive team members with significant management responsibilities and at least 20 years of experience in large established organizations

Particularly appropriate for: Chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chief administrative officers, chief accounting officers, chief financial officers, senior vice presidents, general managers, senior human resource professionals, and divisional directors or leaders


CYNET EAST AFRICA CONSULTANCY is a market leader in offering professional consultancy services in areas like monitoring and evaluation, financial modeling training, project management and planning (PMP) Training Needs Assessment (TNA) among others. CYNET E.A. CONSULTANCY is led by qualified professionals who are well assisted by a committed team of experienced multi – disciplinary technical advisors, staff and associate professionals. These experts have extensive experience in their respective fields of specialization. This offers an excellent mix of professional expertise required to execute different assignments.

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